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The Glen Allen Reads (GAR) program is a reading incentive program, sponsored by Glen Allen PTA, that is designed to make reading rewarding. Students can choose any book on their reading grade level and choose a project to complete from a list of projects. Once the project is completed and handed in to their teacher, the student is awarded points for completion. Your child selects a book from GAES's GAR list that she/he can read independently. After thoroughly reading the book, your child uses their unique skills to complete a project that show understanding of the book. Students earn points based on the number of completed projects. Each teacher determines how to reward students for points earned.

Our GAES library allows Kindergarten students to take home one book each week and all other grades can check out 2 books at a time. Students who meet their teacher's established GAR goal are eligible to checkout three books for the remaining time period in that nine weeks. Classroom teachers can give you the details. All students who meet the yearly goals earn the coveted GAR tee-shirt. 

For a PDF list of Glen Allen Elementary's AR books by title click here.

For more information, please visit the GAES library website.

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