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The Henrico County School Board

Lay Advisory Committee

In April 1956, members of the Henrico County School Board created a Lay Advisory Committee (LAC) to facilitate communication between the school board and the lay people of Henrico County.

This advisory committee offers two-way communication between you and the highest officials in your school system. It provides a forum for orderly and constructive discussion and for the exchange of information.

The Lay Advisory Committee is not designed to deal with individual situations more appropriately handled between parents, students, and school administrators. Instead, this committee focuses on “macro” issues of broad interest which affect the educational welfare of many students.


About the Lay Advisory Committee

How does it work?

Each school attendance zone should identify delegates who, along with school PTA Presidents, will represent its interests at monthly LAC meetings. In addition, concerned members of the community are welcome to participate in committee meetings. The School Board assigns one of its members to attend LAC meetings and serve as a liaison.

As matters of county-wide interest are identified, LAC members gather information and communicate concerns to the School Board. In addition, the School Board may request that the committee assist in certain matters. Members of the committee also may meet with the superintendent and his staff along with members of the School Board. Matters of significant interest will be placed on the School Board’s agenda for attention and resolution.

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