Chess Club

Chess club meets 12 times on Tuesdays starting October 16 and runs through January 22nd,and the cost is only $20.  Students go to chess club in the cafeteria after school lets out, and are  picked up at 3:15.   The club is guided by GAES former principal Dr. Siegel and his brother Herman Siegel.  During the first session, the kids learn basic chess rules and some maneuvering strategies.  After this, the students spend each week playing multiple games with a variety of different students. Dr. Siegel is there to walk them through any tricky questions or settle and disputes, as well as our weekly parent volunteers.  Their wins and losses are recorded to determine our medal winners.  All participants receive a chess keychain and medals are handed out at our fabulous end of the season party. 

PTA After School Enrichment registration has begun. We have a lot of great classes to offer.  Click on the following links for more information.  

Class descriptions  and registration forms

Grades 1-5

Tuesdays:  Oct. 16-Jan. 22

Chess Club

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